• Get A Grip!

    Control your energy spending – it’s not so difficult

    ♦ Do you wonder where all that energy is going?
    ♦ Do you think there’s a lot that could be saved? (There is!)
    ♦ Would you like to cut climate change?
    ♦ Worried that taking charge is too much work? (It isn’t!)
    ♦ Don’t know where to start controlling energy?

    Get A Grip!

Valuable solar savings
African solar experience providing solar electricity for light, potable water and email help you get the most from solar. [Read More]

Should always come first – finding and clarifying problems points to solutions. [Read More]

Energy Monitoring & Management
Like an on-going audit all day every day!
[Read More]

One-Stop Shopping
We’ve helped folks manage energy for 11 years – done in different ways.  You probably need several technologies to get at savings. [Read More]

I don't understand why everyone doesn't reduce costs with SES - they do so many things like assessments, relamping, cogenerators and specialty energy purchasing."–- Ralph Ball

Monitoring circuits let us see which ones were costliest - then we changed bulbs and saved thousands - all payments billed through the utility.–- Erika Rassmusen

Monitoring electricity use showed us the costs before and the 40% drop after installing two cogenerators.–Monika P.

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