Dual Harvest Solar Program

Farmers !

Preserve your legacy and increase profits with Solar Canopies designed for grazing and growing crops



Massachusetts and the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)  want farmers to preserve their land and keep it in the family.

We agree.  A variety of canopy types that allow for enough light to produce and/or efficient and safe herd movement are available to meet the ongoing needs of your farm.

Working with our partners at RC-Cubed  you will received a 20+ year lease that will guarantee  you a significant revenue stream over that period.

       What do you have to do?

  • Enter into a Lease Option with Intelligen (that allows us to get started on
    the design and permitting process)
  • Work with NRCS and RC-Cubed to develop an approved plan for the dual
    use of the property RC-Cubed will be leasing.
  • Maintain the crops and/or herds that will be using the land. RC-Cubed and
    their partners will maintain the infrastructure and solar.

Space is limited!  We are looking for farms that are ready to begin the process now!

For information about helping Massachusetts help farmers and the Dual Harvest solar program,

Email us at   leaders@sustainable-energy.us 

or  Call (508) 393-7803    or   (508) 556-3938