Advanced Energy

It is increasingly common to hear terms such as “Green”, “Renewable” or “Alternative” energy. At SES we recognize that such terms can often be misleading or confusing. Our goal is to demonstrate to you energy solutions that make economic as well as environmental sense.

The use of purely renewable technologies can often carry with them very high capital and maintenance costs as well as often providing a lesser carbon reduction due to poor capacity utilization or lack of sufficient offset of conventional fuel sources. Our approach is to first seek to optimize the efficiencies to be gained from more conventional, but highly efficient technologies, and to then apply the long-term savings to renewable technologies. This approach provides the bridge that moves your firm from the traditional low efficiency energy model to the newer standard whereby many firms will produce some or all of their own energy at their own facilities. This notion of a distributed grid is the emerging standard and it will consist of a mixture of advanced conventional technologies such as cogeneration and combined heat and power along with solar, wind, hydro or other of the so-called “green technologies.

SES focuses on the financial and technical issues that will make the realization of these efficiencies a reality for your firm.