Commodity Procurement Services

1. Energy Procurement Description

The purchase of electricity or natural gas requires the same time and expense for the small organization as that of larger organizations, but without the offsetting benefits of economies of scale. Smaller organizations may also be at a disadvantage in terms of thermal or electrical load profiles that preclude them from taking advantage of the best terms in the commodities markets.

SES specializes in helping the smaller organization with our expertise at commodities contracts and forwards procurement. Instead of offering a single provider system with only that provider’s offer price, we utilize a brokerage system whereby a variety of vendors compete to offer you electricity and natural gas contracts on the most favorable terms. We handle the entire transaction including the Request For Quotation (RFQ), indicative real-time market pricing, and contract.

How do you know that you are obtaining the best terms in the marketplace? What is happening in the marketplace with respect to future prices? What if you enter into a natural gas or electricity contract that is not timed to your advantage?

The procurement of energy commodities contracts involves active real-time pricing mechanisms that are generally valid for less than one day. We remain in close contact with you to keep you abreast of changes in pricing in order to allow you to make an informed decision within a competitive pricing environment.

2. Energy Procurement Benefits

If you are concerned about the complexities, or simply the expense to your organization, of the procurement of energy contracts, let us assist you with the process. For companies that desire it, we offer complete procurement management services that will provide you with blanket coverage of the entire process.