Energy Consulting Services

1. Consulting Services Description

Smaller organizations with annual total energy expenditures of less than $1,000,000 annually can be faced with complex decisions regarding energy and utilities capital expenditures. Understanding the complete life-cycle costs of heating, cooling, lighting, process, or power generation can be important to alternatives that are based upon total cost; not simply first cost.

The use of SES consulting services can augment your in-house staff. We perform financial modeling for many types of capital projects in order to assist you to recognize not only the total cost of a given alternative, but also the true long-term future benefits. Even if a vendor has already recommended a solution, we can provide you with the due diligence required to determine whether the proposed course of action is best for you.

We can advise you regarding equipment purchases for replacement at end-of-service-life. These are opportunities to realize large, future savings by taking advantage of the latest trends in technology, regulatory, utility or other forms of incentives and efficiencies.

We also advise you on the net environmental impacts of a particular course of action. In recent years, organizations have begun to actively consider this aspect of energy-related decisions as being a critical element of the decision process.

2. Consulting Services Benefits

SES consulting services have the advantage of providing you measured parameters that characterize equipment operation. We also focus on financial parameters that take into account such things as discounting, depreciation, tax and government reimbursement offsets, utility and related incentives, as well as the relative effects of alternative technologies or fuels.

We work with you to provide clear explanations so as to enable your decision makers to make informed choices.