One-Stop Shopping

One-Stop Shopping

  • Strategic Planning for energy
  • Solar Arrays
  • Re-lamping for new LED savings
  • Smarter energy buying
  • Demand charge reduction
  • Power factor improvement
  • Co-generation
  • Data Center Cooling Simulations

We’ve helped folks manage energy for 11 years – and done it in different ways.

Your priorities are different. You probably need several technologies to get at savings.

We’re your one-stop-shop with many energy-saving technologies, and will help identify and quantify both needs and benefits.

We can measure your energy BEFORE and AFTER any solutions project. For example:

  • A re-lamping project expected to save $20,000 per year that actually saved $35,000?
  • Cogeneration that could cut 30% off your electric bill while quantifying total savings?

Automatically turn lights off at night to cut costs by $8,000 per year