Photovoltaic System Description

African Photovoltaic System Description

The African continent is full of resources. That is undeniable. Unfortunately, it has become common for the citizens of many African countries to have electricity available only for few days if not few hours during a days. Those who can afford to buy diesel generators are able to withstand that scarcity of electricity so long as fuel and maintenance staff for those giant machines are available to them. But with such issues added to the rising cost of fuel in the market, people will most likely in the near future turn to the Solar Power which I should recall is another resource the African content can be proud to have for almost a full year in some cases.

Sustainable Energy solutions has put its expertise and experience to help African community to get access to electricity and all the resources it opens up to have an interruptible power supply available such has purified water using Ultraviolet, a good pumping system, and so on. So far, SES has successfully built and implemented several sites in Africa among which one in Nigeria at Fugar, Edo state another one in Congo at Ngidinga, and is in the process of implementing a third site in the Enugu state in Nigeria.


Electricity from the sun brings important benefits to people who live off-grid, without reliable electricity. In Africa, the primary benefit is potable water. Clean water avoids diseases such as cholera, typhoid, bacillary, dysentery, polio, meningitis and hepatitis. Electricity is so powerful in killing pathogens, that our solar plants purify 4,000 gallons of clean water a day. Enough water to keep people healthy.


In addition to clean water, our system can supply light, some refrigeration but also multiple means of communications via a satellite & Internet, e and a state of the art phone communication system, the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology.

Because of its communications ability, this system is monitored and will last for years, which brings the cost of electricity it produces down close to the cost per kilowatt hour available in the USA.

Photovoltaic Application Overview

Sustainable Energy Solutions, Inc.’s stored-energy photovoltaic system provides continuous electrical power as an off-grid application. It’s for use in rural areas where either no electrical power grid exists, or if it does exist, is unreliable.

As mentioned, stored energy feature provides continuous energy for illumination, water pumping and purification, communications, refrigeration, and other general purpose electrical loads.

In the next sections, you will get a technical overview of the African Photovoltaic systems Assemblies. But first of all, here are few basics that will help understand the need of all the assemblies that in whole make our system.