Of all of the renewable energy sources, wind technology has been a clear winner in recent years. The trend in wind energy is to make ever larger, higher capacity machines that take advantage of economies of scale, not generally commensurate with the requirements of the smaller organization.
As with any renewable energy technology, however, wind can be a part of the mix for facilities that possess the right set of physical and economic elements. As an example, a private high school, which is revenue constrained, may find wind attractive as a hedge against long-term future electricity costs, whereas it may not be suitable for a business that is looking for a shorter return on investment.

As with solar technologies, the decision to invest in wind energy is very much a function of the characteristics of a particular location and the financial and economic goals and constraints of a particular organization. In some cases, the profitability of wind energy may devolve on tax considerations or the sale of renewable energy credits and may have no involvement in revenues associated with day-to-day operations or expenses. SES can advise your firm regarding the possibilities of this important new source of energy.